Do you have a difficulty with your neighbour?

Sometimes it would be nice to live on a desert island because living near other people can be difficult.  We all have varying opinions on what is an acceptable level of noise, for example, or on how to raise children, look after pets, or where rubbish goes.

So what happens if the way your neighbour sees things is different from the way you do and that is causing you distress?  It can be hard to talk to your neighbour about why their behaviour is upsetting you.  So, what do you do?  Put up with it?  Complain?  Try to move away?

Why not try mediation? Our mediators are trained to help you and your neighbour find your own solution to the problem. By asking questions, our mediators can help you to:

  • clarify the problem
  • understand it from your neighbour’s point of view
  • agree the way forward, and
  • help sort out the problem


  • is not judgemental
  • does not take sides
  • does not tell you what to do
  • does not give advice

Mediation is:

  • open to everyone
  • confidential
  • voluntary

This service is free for all residents in The London Borough of Croydon.

How does it work ?

You, your neighbour , a landlord or a tenancy officer can contact us to raise a concern.

Step 1 - We will make contact with each neighbour / person concerned, to ask them if they are willing to try mediation and explain what is involved

Step 2 - If everyone agrees to participate, we will arrange separate meetings with each person and our mediators to find out more about the situation. These meetings are confidential - we do not share anything you’ve told us with the other person(s) Mostly they are held “on line” using Zoom, however we may be able to meet you face to face

Step 3 - After the initial meetings, if each person agrees, we will arrange a joint meeting for everyone, with our mediators ( Using Zoom or face to face if preferred) Our mediators will aid a discussion, allowing everyone to have their say, and help to explore options with you all to resolve the conflict and difficulties being experienced.

Step 4 - Any agreed actions are put in writing and shared with those attending the meeting - We do not share with anyone else, unless you give us permission to do so.

Step 5 - Approximately 6 weeks after the meeting, we will make contact to see how things are going. So that we can continually improve our service, we will also ask you to provide some feedback.

Please note, mediation is a voluntary process and you can opt out at any time If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 020 8686 6084 or via email to office@croydonmediaiton.org.uk

Let's listen let's talk